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Campaign Strategy

Make Media That Matters

​Do you...​

  • Want to grow your social presence strategically, but find it challenging to come up with content to create?

  • Have a campaign idea but not quite sure how to bring it to life?

  • Been meaning to start a YouTube channel or podcast but unsure the unique angle you can speak on to make it a success?

We've got you!!

Creating impact is all about offering intrinsic value to your audience. Let's discover what that is for you and your brand with 1-1 sessions backed by market research and creative strategies. We'll create our signature MIAH (motivations, inspiration, action, hope) formula through your vision-led storytelling & help you gain clarity and get going on making media that matters - to you and the world!

Christmas Tree
"Alysha is innovative and collaborative. Through her passion, we were able to leverage Rogers media assets to support well-deserved Canadian businesses. The Holiday Harmony Project marketing initiative, which Alysha conceptualized & led company-wide, has served as the template going forward to support Rogers message that we believe in diversity & inclusion."


Our Campaign Strategy In Action

Social media is more about sociology and psychology than it is about technology, and our results are proof!

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