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Social Media Management

Make Media That Matters

Want to go viral without being online? Have content and engagement going 24/7 without having to be glued to your phone?


Our team makes it easy for you to take a load off and leave the social media to us - whether you want to take a vacation without sacrificing discoverability and sales OR you want to ACTUALLY work on your ever-growing BTS to-do list... our team is dedicated to helping build your online presence so you can focus on building your life and vision. 

We've grown accounts, landed deals, reached 2M people all while the CEO was sipping chardonnay in their hot tub. Sound like something you want? Get in touch, we'd be happy to jump in, so you can check out for a bit!

Woman Enjoying a Cup of Coffee
"When I think of Alysha, the words INITIATIVE and RELIABLE come to mind. She quickly understands business needs and can efficiently work towards achieving them. The most unique and inspiring part of her approach is blending your passions with your business priorities. If Alysha says she'll get something done, she does it and she does it well. To put it simply, she just "gets it".


Check Out Tails & Tales Canada!

A brand we offer multi-platform social media management to!
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